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Types of Metal Part Finishes

When you’re starting the fabrication process, you will have many decisions to make. One of the most important decisions centers on finishing. Metal finishing is an additional but necessary part of the fabrication process. The right finish can offer a number of incredible benefits, including corrosion resistance, increased durability, tarnish resistance, electrical resistance, electrical conductivity […]

Why choosing an OEM Supplier is like making a strategic hire

As an OEM, choosing your suppliers is more than just choosing the first warm body you find.  It requires a similar skill to making a new strategic hire.  If done correctly, both will lead to a long-term relationship that benefits everyone.  APX prefers creating long-term relationships where we understand and appreciate each other’s business and […]

The 5 Reasons On-Time Delivery from Suppliers is Key to Your Bottom Line

As the pace of business continues to quicken and your end customers expect continuous improvement, making sure your supply chain allows you to meet your product delivery commitments is a key performance indicator that separates successful companies from those who can’t keep up. In today’s business world, outstanding quality, cost and delivery are a market expectation that must be […]

How Do You Fix a Flaking Powder Coating?

Powder coating serves as a durable, environmentally friendly alternative to liquid paints for those seeking other finishing options. When applied correctly, it has a long lifespan and can withstand numerous conditions without chipping or peeling. However, this phenomenon does sometimes occur, which may raise the question — what causes a powder coat to flake off? And […]

The Importance of Sandblasting Before Powder Coating

Sandblasting is one of the most important steps you can take when powder coating metal parts. It’s an essential part of cleaning metal before powder coating, ensuring the powder coat lasts a long time and isn’t harmed by contaminants on the metal surface. Sandblasting comes with many benefits, and using it properly can greatly improve […]

How to prevent corrosion

Nothing is worse than having your tools and equipment rust up over time. Whether it’s due to the exterior elements such as moisture or temperature, the way equipment is manufactured or even how you use it, rust often seems unavoidable. And while rust is one of the most common examples of corrosion, it is far […]